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Director - Editor: Luc Côté

Content Producer: Janine Sagert

Executive Producer: Maxi Cohen

Producers: Kevin Kraus, Janine Sagert, Luc Côté, Mitch Schultz

Associate Producers: Robert J. Barnhart, John & Lanette Kinnaird, Jack & Diane Stuppin

Research: Janine Sagert, Luc Côté

Camera & Sound: Luc Côté

Additional camera: Rénald Bellemare, Christopher Beaver

Additional Sound: Chantal Rhéaume, Aaron DelGrosso

Original Music: Robert Marcel Lepage

Recording, Editing, Mixing of the Music: Robin Girard

Musician: Robin Girard

Ceremonial Music: 'Wacan Chan' from the album 'Tree of Life’: Loren Nerell: Ambient sound worlds, Indonesian Gamelan instruments, all mixing and mastering - Mark Seelig: Bansuri flutes and vocals - Max Link: all percussion - Pankaj Mishra: Sarangi - Songs: The Phoenix - Composers: Bonnie Bishop & Arpini Sarkisian - Performer: Bonnie Bishop - Publisher: Plan BB Music (BMI) Songwriting With:Soldiers Music (ASCAP),


The Producers want to thank Songwriting With: Soldiers -


Title sequence: Robert Audet

Editing consultants: Denis Boisvert, Maxi Cohen, Aube Foglia, Nadine Fournelle, Michel Grou, Robbie Hart, Andrea Henriquez, Patricio Henriquez, Judy Irving, Jon Kalinda, Bobbi-Jo Krals, Mitch Schultz


On-Line Editing: Denis Boisvert

Sound Design & Editing: Claude Langlois

Audio Post-production: SPR

Foley Artist: Nicolas Gagnon

Foley recording: Benoît Leduc

Audio Mix: Jean-Pierre Bissonnette

Communications Director: Carolyn Pritchard

Web & Poster Design: Lakshmi Narayan – Awake Media, Robert Audet, Susan Butler

Image for the Poster: The Journey Within by Cameron Gray

Legal Support: Paul Morissette, Lussier & Khouzam

Insurance  E & O: Lucie Trottier, Globalex

Accountant: John Chretien


Archives: War footage - Courtesy of Defense Video & Imagery Distribution System - Ayahuasca preparation sequence courtesy of Spectral Alchemy and Mitch Schultz from "DMT: The Spirit Molecule" - Vera Yu and David Li/Flickr, Hayne Palmour Iv/San Diego Union-Tribune via ZUMA Press


Transcription: Rafaël Barnwell, Molly Winawer

Translation: Manuela Ene

International Sales: Jan Rofekamp, Films Transit International


Special Thanks: Ryan LeCompte, Veterans for Entheogenic Therapy, Chris Young (Founder of Soul Quest Ayahuasca Church of Mother Earth), Fabian Henry, Marijuana for Trauma, Kevin Richardson and Sean Kiernan, Weed for Warriors Project, Aaron Newsome and Jason Sweatt, Santa Cruz Veterans Alliance


Ames Adjan, Martin Birrittella, Andrea & Tim Campbell, Giancarlo Canavesio, Carmel-Antoine Bessard, Caren & David Cross, Christian Douglas, Sandy Drooker, Raymonde Provencher, Amy Freed, Gail Gibbons, Priscilla Gong, Jill Gould, Nancy Graves, Richard Grossman, Robbie Hart, Patricio Henriquez, Durga Katz, Teresa Keane, Marc Ketchel, John Kinnaird, Harmon & Virginia Lisnow, Charles Mintz & Julie Garfield, Eddie Oliver & Carol Augustus, Ian Pai, Diana Redmond, Richard Redmond, Daniel Schatzman, Clare Strang, Richard Track, Jake Nicole Ullman


Hospitality and Moral Support: Tim and Andrea Campbell, Ian Benouis, Nancy Dallett, Sandy Drooker, Laura Duggan, Gail Gibbons, Rebecca Hynes, Bill Jeffers, Richard Track, Kathryn Wilder


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